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SHARK TRADE LLC – is the latest revolutionary platform, which is built on the basis of innovative automated systems. Thanks to the use of modern developments in the field of crypto-trading, our company offers investors from all over the world to reach a completely new level of passive earnings!

Today, SHARK TRADE LLC increases the volume of assets by investing its own funds, as well as by using large global fund investments. This development model provides a quick profit growth, which gives a 100% guarantee that investing in a company cannot be unsuccessful. 

What does SHARK TRADE LLC offer for its customers?

In 2018, the company’s management concluded that it was time to expand the business impact of the investment platform to the maximum extent possible. In this regard, it was decided to provide a passive income online for investors from around the world. Toward this goal an online investment platform was created that is able to provide a high income for investors on the Internet, implementing the management of private investments using a convenient interface and consistently high-quality service. 

What are the main goals of SHARK TRADE LLC?

The main goal of our company is the stability of obtaining high profits by investors and the business as a whole, as well as providing reliable opportunities for investors to obtain stable profits on investments.

SHARK TRADE LLC makes extensive use of strategies to diversify and minimize overhead costs through machine learning methods and the use of neural networks, it uses modern trading methods, and it also strengthens the overall business efficiency with all possible means. All these measures are aimed at achieving the company's goals and obtaining new opportunities for growth and progress.

The use of new technologies and innovations in business, as well as the constant growth of qualifications of employees who carry out the development and modernization of trading technologies, are among the main competitive advantages of the company. 

How much does the company ear!

All profits that can be generated in excess of the profits that the company is obliged to pay to investors, is the company's earnings.

In addition to these revenues, the company makes a profit using its own working capital in the investment process.

Does the company use its own funds in the investment process?

Yes. About 45% of working capital is funds provided by one of our highly specialized funds

How many years does SHARK TRADE LLC work?

The final formation of the company's modern business was completed at the end of 2018.

How can a company generate such high returns for investors?

By using diversification, modern technologies based on the basis of neural networks and machine learning, we manage to maintain profitability at the highest level.

When was the SHARK TRADE LLC company incorporated?

SHARK TRADE LLC was incorporated in 2018 in London, United Kingdom. The relevant documents you can see on the main page of the site.

Can I call the company?

Yes. To contact us, just use the phone number that is listed in the "Contact Us" section or in the header of the site on each page.

What language is customer support in?

It offers multilingual customer support, the current list of supported languages can be found on the page CONTACTS.

What are the business hours of customer support?

Customer support works in online chat 24 hours 7 days a week.

I made a call to customer support, but did not receive a consultation. What am I doing wrong?

Most likely, you called either during off-hours, or the line was overloaded. Just try calling again, please.

How does the processing customer requests in the customer support works?

We accept the request, we check and review it, and then transfer it to the appropriate department. Then the customer receives a response no later than 48 hours from the time the request is processed.

How to create an investment in the company?

Create a personal account and use the step-by-step instructions that you find in this account.

What currencies are you investing in?

You can invest using many different payment systems. An up-to-date list of payment methods is available on the main page of the site.

What should I do if I do not have funds on payment systems available for investing in companies?

We have provided the widest possible use of the most popular payment systems when investing. You can use special exchange services in order to exchange your funds for any e-currency you need.

Is it possible to earn money in a company without investment?

Yes, you can earn money without investment, using our affiliate programs.

Can I create multiple investments in the program?

Yes. The number of investments is not limited.

In what mode is the processing of requests for payment of funds works?

All payments are made manually, according to the CRYPTO and TRAIDER tariff plans - 2 times a month, according to the DIPLOMAT tariff plan - once a week, the withdrawal takes up to 72 hours.

How quickly the money will be activated and my deposit will start to bring me a profit after the investment?

All financial transactions are performed instantly. With the exception of cryptocurrency investments. It may takes some time to activate your cryptocurrency investment. This is due to the need to confirm transactions by the system.

If I created an investment using BTC, in which currency will I receive my charges?

You will receive accruals in the currency in which you created the investment. In your case - in the BTC.

Do I have to submit my income to the tax office?

We cannot impose or otherwise put pressure on investors. Each client of the company makes its own decision about paying taxes.

Can I sign an investment contract with the company?

This is possible. In each case, the issue of a contract will be decided individually.

Is the company legal?

Absolutely. We fully comply with all the requirements imposed by UK law in terms of compliance with commercial transactions and payment of taxes.

Is it possible to visit your main office?

As it has already been noted more than once, the company's office is designed directly for the performance of tasks related to our business. At the moment we do not have a staff that can do work directly with customers.

Can SHARK TRADE LLC be categorized as HYIP?

Only in terms of the volume of the profits received by our customers, nothing more. Any other analogies are unacceptable for our entire team.

Is SHARK TRADE LLC a financial pyramid?

Not. Since we perform real activities and fully comply with the criteria of a business entity.

Can my investments be insured?

The company does not provide direct insurance services, since we are not an insurance company. However, SHARK TRADE LLC has a large insurance fund for unforeseen situations. In such cases, the money from this insurance fund will be able to stabilize and level the negative consequences, providing the necessary investment comfort for our clients.

How many accounts can I create in the program?

Any user can create only one active account in our program.

Can I use the investment offers of the company without creating an account?

This is not possible since the system requires an error-free and unique identification of each customer.

How can I refuse notifications that I receive from the company?

By creating an account in our program, you agree to receive letters, notifications and other important information from our company. This is necessary for the complete safety and efficiency of the mutual cooperation process.

Can I create multiple accounts using one computer? For example, for each of my family members.

No. By using one ip-address or one computer you can create only one active account in our program.

Can I make changes to my own payment details?

Yes. You can do this if necessary.

What registration data can I change after creating an account?

You can change your email address.

What you need to know when creating an account in the program?

The main requirements for the user who intends to create an account in our investment program are:

User age must not be less than 18 years;

The user must not be a citizen of the country, or be at the time of creating an account in a country where online investment activity is prohibited by local law.

Is it necessary to create some special link when creating an account?

No. Just use any link to our official website. This can be either direct or affiliate, the so-called referral link.

What additional documents may be required after registration?

In case if a situation arises when it is necessary to exhaustively identify the owner of the active account, we may request some additional information from the customer. In all other cases, the provision of additional documents and other personal information is not required.

In what cases may I have problems logging in to my personal account?

In case if:

You are using an incorrect username;

You are using an incorrect password;

The server is overloaded by requests;

You may have trouble logging in to your personal account.

How can I change my password?

To change the password, use the appropriate function of your personal account or contact online support.

What is an affiliate program?

It is a program that include the accrual and payment of partnership rewards to users whose invited partners have created investments in the company's investment program.

Is there an opportunity to receive rewards for the promotion of the program as a whole?

Yes. To do this, it is necessary to maximize the use of promotional materials provided to each user in their personal accounts. Increasing advertising efforts, you increase your affiliate potential and the amount of money earned.

For how many deposits made by my partner can I get a partner reward?

Whenever your partner creates a new investment, you will receive a partner reward.

What is the size of partnership rewards?

For any deposit made by your personally invited partner, you will receive up to 7% of the nominal value of this deposit.

What are the conditions for accruing a partner bonus?

A deposit must be created using your affiliate link.

What is the procedure for paying partner rewards?

Partnership remuneration payments are similar to the payment of accruals on investments created.

If my partner created an investment using, for example, Bitcoin, can I get a partner reward in Ethereum currency?

No. You will receive a partner reward in the same currency as your partner’s deposit. In this case - in the BTC.

How does the amount of my partner reward depend on the amount of my own investments?

At the moment, the amount of partner remuneration does not depend on the amount of your own investments in our investment program.

Does the amount of partnership reward depend on which investment plan my partner chose to invest?

No, it does not.

When exactly will I get a partner reward for an investment made by my partner?

You will receive a partner reward as soon as your partner creates an investment.

Can I change an up liner?


Can I lose my affiliate link or can it be blocked?

No. Your affiliate link is permanently assigned to you and cannot be blocked or otherwise lost.

How can I use the affiliate link?

Affiliate link is designed to identify new program participants as personally invited investors. Because, by registering a personal account on your affiliate link, the system records any such user as your personally invited partner. Permanently. That is why it is so important to show ambition and initiative, providing your affiliate link to the largest possible number of people. Thus, you significantly increase your potential and the number of your own affiliate structure.

What are the restrictions on using affiliate links?

Any investor, user, partner is strictly prohibited to use the affiliate link, mentioning the affiliate link or company promotional materials when using the aforementioned personal spam technologies.

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Davorin Bebek

Davorin Bebek - Co-founder. After finishing Law University in Croatia, he started to work as Chief Marketing Officer and campaign builder for various startups in different industries. That's how he got familiar with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and become it's strong advocate.

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Evgeniy Florin
Chief Marketing Officer

Evgeniy is a highly respected sales and team building professional with over 15 years of experience and a history of success. He has thorough experience in blockchain and network marketing, and has been following the evolution of cryptocurrencies for years. He believes that the combination of these two can really make positive changes to the global economy in the near future.

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Martin Maffei

Martin is a highly experienced Systems Engineer with a demonstrated history of over 20 years leading software development teams for financial, oil & gas and other industries. Enthusiastic and passionate about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain since years, he strongly believes that this technology is not only the fourth industrial revolution, but the future of money.

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Graham R Clark

Graham - The senior business leader and previous start-up founder. He has been working in Capital markets and Financial information technology for more than 20 years now. For the past two years he has been working on a number of blockchain and crypto projects both as an advisor as well as an OTC facilitator.

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Last years Co-owner of IT company mainly processes systems for banks, lottery operators, and telecoms. Responsible for marketing and sales. Founder of a startup based on high-end streaming and blockchain tools. Specialize in creating global ideas, using a smart approach to build and optimize startup work. Understand cultural differences in the formation of complex sales and marketing structures. Startup advisors, speaker, blockchain enthusiast. The advocate of balanced tourism.
To receive the bonus and change your ranking, you will need to complete and meet the requirements of eight different investment levels. These investment levels make up the overall Partner Investment Structure (PIS).

Please note that each of your own personal investments will also bring you 100% towards your overall personal contribution;

The eight different PIS investment levels are detailed below, together with their relevant percentages and their turnover limits.

Level 1
Each investment of the 1st level referral in your PIS will also bring you 100% to the total PIS turnover.

Level 2
Each investment of the 2nd level referral in your PIS will bring you 50% to the total PIS turnover.

Level 3
Each 3rd level referral investment in your PIS will bring you 30% to the total PIS turnover.

Level 4
Each investment referral 4th level in your structure will bring you 20% of the total turnover of the PIS;

Level 5
Each investment of the 5th level referral in your structure will bring you 15% to the total PIS turnover.

Level 6
Each investment of the 6th level referral in your structure will bring you 10% to the total PIS turnover.

Level 7
Each investment of the 7th level referral in your structure will bring you 5% to the total PIS turnover.

Level 8
Each investment of the 8th level referral in your structure will bring you 3% to the total PIS turnover.

Use case example
As an example, if you are a Partner with a total turnover of $ 12,000 and your Level 3 referral made an investment of $ 1,000, then you PIS turnover will receive a credit for 30% or the equivalent of $300.

This means that your PIS will then have a total turnover of $ 12,300.

In order to reach the Ambassador rank, your PIS will need to make a joint investment of $25,000.

In addition, you will also need to make a personal contribution of $ 1,000, in order that you receive the bonus for the rank of $ 1,000.

This can be achieved in two ways: either through direct personal sales for this amount; or from an investment made by any party from your PIS network that equals this amount.

As a general rule, the second option is proven to be more effective than the first, provided that is you have a PIS that has developed to at least 4 levels.

IMPORTANT: As each PIS turnover level is achieved, the next rank is not reset, but continues to grow.

For example, when your PIS has reached a turnover of $ 25,000 you will be awarded the rank of Ambassador. To then move forwards on to the next rank of Businessman ($ 50,000), your PIS only needs to achieve $ 25,000 in sales.